Wiechert for children and young explorers

– discover the world of earthquakes!

Wiechert for young explorers

Wiechert for children and young explorers

Children, young people, school classes and families are welcome to visit us! Discover the world of Emil Wiechert and learn why earthquakes occur.

On 17 August 2014, we had a nice event entitled Earthquake Station for young people: experiencing mini-earthquakes up-close, hands-on activities for young and old, games and much more!
Download the info flyer here.

Discover the Earthquake Station

How did seismographs measure earthquakes 100 years ago and what does a modern high-tech seismograph look like? Witness how the earth is quaking when a 4-tonne steel ball is dropped onto the ground from a height of 14 metres. And how is astronomical time measured? Here you can become an expert! continue

Our Earth is “itching”

Have a look into the Earth’s interior! Here you can learn how huge tectonic plates move and rub against each other – resulting in earthquakes. continue

Why do earthquakes occur?

Who invented the “Richter magnitude scale”? Do earthquakes also occur in Göttingen? Become an earthquake expert and experience first-hand when the Earth is “itching”. continue