the history of the earthquake warden is inextricably linked to the names of eminent scientists

Historical Earthquake Station/ Persons


The appointment of Emil Wiechert at the beginning of the 20th century was a stroke of luck for the University of Göttingen and for research. Wiechert and his team made the Institute of Geophysics the centre of seismological research.

Both Wiechert and the subsequent directors of the institute as well as the local scientists contributed with their research and findings to making Göttingen famous all over the globe. The exploration of the Earth and the foundations of seismology also had a lasting influence on the work of numerous other scientists – and entrepreneurs – during the following years and decades.

We would like to introduce to you the most important personalities on this website

  • Emil Wiechert
  • Gustav H. Angenheister
  • Ludger Mintrop
  • Gustav Herglotz
  • Ludwig Carl Geiger
  • Karl Zoeppritz
  • Beno Gutenberg
  • Wilhelm Schlüter
  • Julius August Bartels
  • Manfred Siebert
  • Ulrich Christensen
Personen im Zusammenhang mit der Wiechert'schen Erdbebenwarte
Personen im Zusammenhang mit der Wiechert'schen Erdbebenwarte