Seismologie & Geophysik

Seismology and geophysics

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Seismology & Geophysics

Seismology and geophysics

Seismology (from Ancient Greek σεισμός seismós meaning ‘earthquake’ and logos meaning ‘study of’) is the scientific study of earthquakes and the propagation of seismic waves through solid bodies. As a branch of geophysics, it is the most important method to explore the Earth’s interior.


By contrast, the closely related field of seismics explores the Earth’s interior by means of artificially generated seismic waves and is a branch of applied geophysics. (Source: Wikipedia)

Seismology and Earthquake Station

The Wiechert Earthquake Station – within the Chair of Geophysics – substantially contributed to seismological research. continue


Earthquakes are caused by mass displacements and usually occur as tectonic quakes as a result of displacements along fault lines in the Earth’s crust. continue

Structure of the Earth

Our Earth is made up of several shells: core, mantle and crust. continue

Seismology and geophysics
Seismology and geophysics